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Scale your workforce up or down based on your current needs, without the administrative burden.

Streamline your staffing process with our comprehensive solutions, saving you time and resources.

Count on our rigorous screening process to provide dependable and skilled workers who meet your standards.

Labour Resourcing on Demand

Expert Matching

Our experienced recruiters carefully match candidates to your specific requirements, ensuring the right fit for your team.

Extensive Network

Benefit from our wide-ranging network of pre-screened, qualified candidates ready to step in and support your operations.

Integrated Technology

Our services are seamlessly integrated with the custm app, allowing for easy clock-on and clock-off, accurate time tracking, and efficient reporting.

A team of highly compliant fleet drivers supported by cutting edge technology.

By investing in both technology and people, we’re able to provide a reliable supply of high-performance, scalable resourcing that adds measurable value to your brand.

Maximize Efficiency, Safety, and Savings

That means greater efficiency, more deliveries made safely, and lower costs per delivery.

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We’re in All Major Cities and Locations.

Custm provides last mile courier delivery services to the largest transport companies in Australia.

That means you can start delivering from a depot close to home.

Our Head Office is based in Port Melbourne, with additional offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
New South Wales
  • Sydney
  • Major Regional Centres
  • Melbourne
  • Major Regional Centres
Western Australia
  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Launceston
  • Devonport
South Australia
  • Adelaide

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Frequently Asked Questions

At custm, we place great emphasis on delivering value beyond simply connecting transport companies with on-demand courier resources. Safety & compliance is essential in this space, and we use technology to accurately track and maintain documentation across our drivers. In addition, we have developed and continue to refine our driver app that is dedicated to making each and every day as efficient as possible, whilst capturing data to derive insights into fleet performance. We share these insights with clients and our drivers such that we can work in tandem to continually refine and improve our service offering. Together with frequent training, we have created a courier driver community that is dedicated to performing at their best every job they take!

Nothing! The vast majority of our clients use our service so they can scale their fleet up and down with their freight volume and requirements. Regardless of whether you need a number of drivers ongoing, or different volumes each month, we are here to accommodate your requirements – whatever they may be.

We supply courier drivers on-demand, and will endeavor to supply to your requirements. You can submit a request via email or over the phone by calling us on 03 9793 7262. We will always do our best to supply, and can often schedule more capacity within a matter of days. However, please keep in mind that due to the seasonal nature of freight volumes, demand spikes do occur. In these instances, lead times for provision of courier drivers may be extended due to the need to recruit and onboard to fulfill requests.

Clients who meet minimum thresholds of drivers are provided reports that give insight into the performance and cost breakdown of their courier resourcing. This is provided at no cost to you and allows us to work closely together regarding any discrepancies and continually strive for optimal performance.

Our on-demand courier drivers go through a screening process to ensure they meet the minimum requirements for licensing, background checks, experience, fitness to work and relevant insurances. We have a strong emphasis on safety through training, including weekly toolboxes and ongoing support. Our courier drivers also complete a fit for duty and pre-start check before each job shift, and a cool down upon completion of their shift. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you.

We do our best to accommodate your requirements and exceed expectations for all our movements. In the event we fall short of these, we encourage you to contact Fleet HQ to speak to our friendly staff. There are often a number of solutions given the flexible nature of our service, and we make a point of ensuring each client is satisfied on an ongoing basis.

As every business is unique, with many variables in last mile delivery services, we like to understand your requirements and tailor a solution that compliments and perhaps enhances your user experience. Contact us for a quick quote via Get in Touch or call us on 03 9793 7262.

We keep it simple, you pay for what you use, with safe-guards in place to ensure this is monitored and meets specific performance benchmarks. Depending on the type of courier resourcing, there may be minimum time blocks and cancellation fees may apply.

custm is available in several States and expanding.

Cities include:

  • NSW: Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong
  • VIC: Melbourne, major regional centres
  • TAS: Hobart, Launceston, Devonport
  • QLD: Brisbane, Gold Coast
  • WA: Perth
  • SA: Adelaide coming soon